How do we sign up for a membership?

You can call into the office 210-549-4178 and we can get your information over the phone or come into the office ahead of time or even during your visit to sign up. We do not currently have it set up to sign up and pay for membership on our website. We hope to add this in the near future.


Does Al Murji PA-C need records when I see other physicians?

Yes, please let other physicians know that your primary care doctor is Al Murji PA-C and request that records of your visit be forwarded. If they are unfamiliar with our contact info, please share our website at www.rightpathfamilypractice.com which contains all our contact information. We are also happy to provide you with TFM business cards to share with other doctors/professionals on your care team.


What do I need to do to transfer records from my previous doctor?

At your first visit we will have you sign a permission form allowing us to contact your previous doctor’s office and ask for records. If you prefer, you may contact your previous doctor’s office and ask for a copy of your records and bring them with you at your first visit. Point of contact for record transfer at TFM is the Practice Manager who can be reached at info@rightpathfamilypractice.com with any questions.


How do we contact you about becoming a patient of Right Path Family Practice?

If you were a former patient of Al Murji PA-C’s or would like to become a new patient, please either visit the website and fill out the form or call the office and we will get you registered and get you access to our portal.  Once we receive that information, we will email you your login information for access to the patient portal.


What are the options for paying my bill or addressing any issues with my bill?

AthenaHealth does the billing for the office but if you have any questions regarding your bill please feel free to call our office and speak to Laura. She is always happy to help resolve any issues that might come up. You can also pay online via the portal. Once logged in, click on the “my account” band on the left side of the patient portal homepage. Then select “latest statement”. Click on the pay bill icon in the lower left corner and follow the instructions. You can also email us at questions@rightpathfamilypractice.com


What is the procedure for refills?

Patients have two options.  First, you may log onto the patient portal and request a refill there.  To do this, simply click on the messages band on the left of the portal screen after logging in.  There you can select what refills you need and then select “request refills” at the bottom of the page.  This generates an email-like message that you can then send to us through the portal.

If this does not work or is not available to you, then you can contact your pharmacy and they will be in touch with us electronically.

We do not offer refills by phone


What insurances do you accept?

Right Path Family Practice is currently accepting United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, & Medicare. We are in the process of getting credentialed with Aetna & Cigna.  We also except self-pay patients and have membership options available.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them to questions@rightpathfamilypractice.com


Why would I come to a solo practitioner? Don’t group practices offer better coverage and availability?

Al Murji PA-C and his staff at Right Path Family Practice highly value accessibility.  We have an “open access” schedule which is different than most practices in the area.  This means we accept walk-ins and do not turn away the sick. In addition to this you will always see Al Murji PA-C rather than being passed around to whichever provider is available when you feel ill.

Use of the patient portal also allows patients unprecedented access to their primary care provider.  Questions are answered the same business day (usually within 2 hours). Patients may login 24/7 to schedule their own appointment at their convenience.  The size of the larger practices in the area makes this model very difficult to implement.


How does this work when Al Murji PA-C is on vacation?

During Al Murji PA-C’s vacations, another highly qualified provider will be available to see patients during his absence.  Al Murji PA-C and the staff at Right Path will communicate in advance of the provider being absent unless it is an emergency. We all need to take vacation from time to time but we will make sure that its does not affect our patients in a negative way. Appointments will remain available through the portal but walk-ins are welcome as well. Our nurse will remain available for patient care during this time. 


How do you contact us with questions if you do not have access to the patient portal or have lost your portal login information?

Please email us at questions@rightpathfamilypractice.com. We respond to emails same business day or at the latest, next business day.

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