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All too often, modern medicine only focuses on treating the symptoms of a health condition while leaving the cause unaddressed. Right Path Family Practice is different. Using functional medicine, their San Antonio, Texas, team traces diseases to their root cause and treats them there, giving patients more effective, direct care. To learn more about their functional medicine approach, call Right Path Family Practice or book your appointment online.

Functional Medicine

What is functional medicine?

Most health care professionals receive training to do two things: Diagnose a disease and then provide the patient with the right medication to treat the resulting symptoms. Unfortunately, this leaves millions of people simply masking their symptoms instead of treating their health conditions at the source, where real change can happen.

Functional medicine is different. It seeks to find what’s creating your symptoms and address that root cause. It also acknowledges that each patient is different.

While conventional medicine might prescribe the same medication to 10 different people with the same disease, the Right Path Family Practice team takes a different approach. They see your body as a system influenced by a range of unique factors, including your family health history, personal health history, and lifestyle choices.

For example, if you have trouble sleeping, a conventional doctor would likely prescribe you a sleep medication. With functional medicine, Right Path Family Practice will get to the core of the issue. They may discover your sleep issues are actually resulting from a hormone imbalance. Resolving that may not only improve your sleep, but could also boost your energy levels, focus, and sex drive.

Similarly, mental health challenges like depression are often treated on a symptoms-focused basis. But did you know that inflammation could actually be the cause of your depressive symptoms? By treating the inflammation, Right Path Family Practice can balance your mood without the need for antidepressants and their wide-ranging side effects.

Only once they fully understand all the factors that could be contributing to your current health state do they begin to formulate a treatment plan. That way, they can tailor the treatment plan to your specific body and your specific condition. This means you get more targeted treatment with a higher likelihood of effectiveness.

What can functional medicine treat?

Anything. One of the biggest benefits of functional medicine is that a doctor can apply its methods to any person suffering from any condition. And because it takes a holistic approach, no symptom, lifestyle choice, or other unique factor falls outside the realm of consideration.

With functional medicine, patients at Right Path Family Practice get dedicated care for whatever ails them.

What should I expect from functional medicine care?

To start, you should expect a more in-depth doctor’s appointment than most other appointments. The team at Right Path Family Practice will have a wide range of questions for you so they can best understand your specific situation and get a comprehensive overview of factors that could be impacting your health. That will most likely include having labs performed so they can understand what’s going on with your biological systems.

Then, armed with a thorough understanding of your body and your current state of health, Right Path Family Practice tailors a treatment program for you. They’ll walk through the treatment with you, adjusting it as needed based on your body’s response. Their goal is to address your disease at its root cause and deliver meaningful, long-lasting healing.

To learn more or to get started with functional medicine, call Right Path Family Practice or schedule your appointment online today.