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When you were a kid, wounds were commonplace. Who hasn’t scraped a knee on the playground? They were also quicker healing. Today, it’s harder to bounce back from nicks and scrapes, let alone open wounds. And that’s especially true if you’re a diabetic living with ulcers. But a wound shouldn’t hold you back. With the dedicated acute and chronic wound care at Right Path Family Practice, you can watch as your body heals as quickly as possible. Call their office in San Antonio, Texas, or book your appointment online to get the wound care your body needs.

Wound Care

What is wound care?

Wound care is exactly what it sounds like. It might seem like a minor part of what the staff at Right Path Family Practice can offer when you’re not living with an injury, but sustaining a wound changes things. Suddenly, you may need to favor a certain part of your body, adopt a new sleeping position, change the fit of your clothes, and more. Even when a wound isn’t debilitating, it can require an annoying number of adjustments to your daily life.

And that becomes especially frustrating when the wound takes time to heal. That’s where wound care at Right Path Family Practice comes in. Their dedicated team ensures your acute or chronic wound heals as quickly as possible so you can continue on with your life, hindrance-free.

How does wound care work?

Treatment for some acute wounds can occur at home, but patients should visit the wound care team at Right Path Family Practice when:

  • The wound is more than a half inch deep
  • You can’t stop the bleeding after 20 minutes
  • Pressure doesn’t reduce the bleeding

If any of these things are true for your wound, the acute wound care professionals at Right Path Family Practice can give you the quick, thorough attention you need to start healing.

The practice also offers innovative treatments for chronic wounds that address the root cause of insufficient healing to get you on the path to recovery.

Can you treat diabetic ulcers?

Absolutely. When you live with diabetes, these wounds can be a frustrating part of your life. The right care can make all the difference. Right Path Family Practice has the experience of caring for and treating diabetic ulcers.  

They offer hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments to minimize infections and speed healing. Additionally, they can help you find the right vascular specialist to ensure every area of your body — even extremities like your feet — is getting proper blood flow to support healing and minimize the risk of future ulcer development.

Your provider at Right Path Family Practice may also recommend the use of Sigvaris compression stockings to improve circulation in your lower extremities which can speed up wound healing.

What is the treatment for acute and chronic wounds?

Most acute wounds heal with time. That said, the right care minimizes the amount of time you’ll need to wait until you’re fully healed. At Right Path Family Practice, the wound care experts take a holistic approach, using their training from multiple specialties to ensure you heal as quickly and completely as possible.

For example, because swelling prevents healing, they help patients minimize swelling at the wound site. They offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to fight infections and encourage new blood vessel growth, expediting the healing process. This therapy is an excellent choice for patients suffering from a chronic wound that does not respond to other treatments methods.

They can also refer you to a vascular specialist, if needed, to ensure your blood is flowing properly in the area, giving it what it needs to fully mend.

By approaching your acute or chronic wound from multiple angles, the Right Path Family Practice team ensures nothing stands in the way of your fast, complete healing.

You don’t have to suffer as your wound heals. Get dedicated wound care by calling Right Path Family Practice or booking your appointment online today.